How to Use this site

For Viewing this Site

Search by category or tag. For old post browse archive.

For Registering in the site

1. Click on “Register” in the upper most left corner or  in the Log in panel in left side bar.

2.Fill up the Registration Form.

3.Click on ” Complete Sign Up”

4.Please note that the information provided by you must be authentic and valid. Note down the user name and password you entered in the registration form as it will be used for your log in .

5.Immediately you will receive an auto generated mail from the administrator. Click on the link provided in the mail to complete Sign up. If you do not find the mail in your inbox, please see your spam folder also.

6. Wait till an administrator of  the site authenticates / approves your registration. Usually it is being done within 48 hrs. Another mail from our site will confirm that your account has been authenticated.

7. Once your profile is approved, you can log in to our site using user name and password you provided at the time of registration.

For posting in this site

2. “Log in” using user name and password you provided at the time of registration.

3. After log in,  press “New” button . Select ” Post”

4. Provide Title of your poem, song etc

a) For posting of  Poem, Article and any write up

Copy paste your poem, article or write up in the body.

b) For Posting of song and other videos from You Tube or other site ( without infringing copy right act)

i)Click “You Tube button in the Text Editor.A dialog box will be opened .

ii) Paste the url of the song/ video  in the space ” Link Sharing “.

iii) Press insert.

iv) Provide category and tag.

v)Press publish.

vi) You can ignore or opt  rating option after pressing publish.

c) Categories have been fixed, you have to select only.

i) For poem, song, write up… Provide name of the poet, singer  or writer in tag.

ii) For film and video….tag will be name of the picture or video .

d) If you do not find any category or tag use uncategory. Don’t Worry. Our Editors will  place it in proper place.

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